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Stephen Alexander, America's first openly transgender coach

Stephen Alexander, America's first openly... 1pm 9/24

Stephen Alexander is the first out-and-proud, multiple sport, high/middle-school transgender coach. Stephen has over ten years of experience working with...

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John Stachelhaus

John Stachelhaus left a positive review 4/1/2014

Very informative. Added a completely different perspective to the subject than I have been getting from other media sources.

Mohammad Raissi

Mohammad Raissi left a positive review 4/1/2014

It was a pleasure to listen to Mr. Khrushchev's description of long history, current event, and future predictions.
His presentation was very fluid, informative, factual, and without bias. He spent ample time with students and his Q/A was frank and touched all aspects of his experience, news and personal info. from the streets.
Thank you for arranging this historic meeting and its timing was excellent.

Fisher Student Center

Fisher Student Center posted a photo 10/9/2013

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