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CDI Campus Safety Week: Rethinking Drinking –  Harm Reduction Strategies

CDI Campus Safety Week: Rethinking Drinking – ... 11/3 1:00pm

How much alcohol is too much? Get the facts about alcohol consumption and your health. Facilitated by Amy Webster, Health Services. Sponsored by Center...

CDI Campus Safety Week: "Haze" - Film and Discussion

CDI Campus Safety Week: "Haze" - Film... 11/3 7:00pm

This documentary brings to light the issues causing the death of 1,700 young adults across the nation every year, turning another 100,000 into victims of...

International Professional Series: Global Supply Chain

International Professional Series: Global... 11/4

The International Professional Series consists of 6 half day seminars, each covering a specific topic related to international business. These seminars...

CDI Campus Safety Week: “It’s On Us” Pledge

CDI Campus Safety Week: “It’s On Us” Pledge 11/4 11:00am

Pledge to join in Bryant’s stand against sexual assault. Stop by and make your pledge. Sponsored by Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Center for...

CDI Campus Safety Week: I’ve Got Your Back – How to NOT be a Bystander to Violence

CDI Campus Safety Week: I’ve Got Your Back –... 11/4 1:00pm

Don’t be an onlooker to violence on our campus. Learn basic intervention skills to step in and help. Facilitated by Kristin Biggins, Hochberg Women’s...

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John Stachelhaus

John Stachelhaus left a positive review 4/1/2014

Very informative. Added a completely different perspective to the subject than I have been getting from other media sources.

Mohammad Raissi

Mohammad Raissi left a positive review 4/1/2014

It was a pleasure to listen to Mr. Khrushchev's description of long history, current event, and future predictions.
His presentation was very fluid, informative, factual, and without bias. He spent ample time with students and his Q/A was frank and touched all aspects of his experience, news and personal info. from the streets.
Thank you for arranging this historic meeting and its timing was excellent.

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