Thursday, September 26

Mask Making Workshop

Mask Making Workshop (past event)

Being creative! Come to express your talents to make own mask with friends! Sign-up at...

Discipleship & Donuts

Discipleship & Donuts (past event)

Stop by and grab a donut on your way to class or stay and chat. It's up to you!

RIHETC - Dealing with Difficult Conversations

This program is based on the assumption that conflicts are a normal and healthy part of life. Since conflicts will occur, what is most important is how we...

Chat & Chew

Chat & Chew (past event)

Discussions about Mental Health, Cultural Issues, and Current Events with Lunch Provided. Conversations are Hosted by Ammy Sena from Counseling Services

Chat and Chew

Chat and Chew (past event)

Chat and Chew....discussions about mental health, cultural issues, and current events. Lunch provided. Conversations are hosted by Ammy Sena from the...

Careers in Compliance and Tax Law

Wondering what to do with your finance degree? How to combine your interests in accounting and in law? Interested in working in college athletics? Come...

Thursday, September 26