Thursday, October 29

 Junior Semester Two (SCN 06) course registration SP 2021

Course registration for Spring 2021

Bryant University Day of Understanding

A day focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn, share, and engage with virtual or in person sessions designed to increase our collective...

Day of Understanding Keynote Speaker: Andy Stoll

Andy Stoll is a global citizen who speaks on the importance of cultural competency as a leadership skill for the 21st century. Traveling to over 40 countries...

Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Increase core strength, mobility, and stamina while improving posture and mental focus through a sequence of postures designed to relax and release stress &...

Stories of Overcoming: Together We Rise

Students of the Bryant Community who are interested in being involved are asked to submit an application(via Google Doc) with the content of their chosen media

Language is the Roadmap to a Culture

A space for English as a Second Language speakers to share the many ways that their native language reflects its culture and how that influenced learning...

Thursday, October 29