Friday, November 19

Diversity Mini Grants Call for Proposals

Have ideas for an innovative project or program that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campus? Get funded by The Council for Inclusive...

HEAL Info Table

HEAL Info Table (past event)

We will have 2 E-board members sit at a table for students to spin a wheel to learn more about what the Health Education Awareness Leaders can offer to...

ISO i2i Ticket Sales 11 am-1 pm

We're selling tickets for i2i, the biggest cultural dance show on campus.

International Education Week- TRIVIA!

How to play! 1. Like the post and follow @ISOBRYANT 2. Comment and tag at least 1 friend 3. Go to KAHOOT.IT and enter GAME PIN 03311821 4. Use your...

Global Community Hour - Trip to Italy

Join Edoardo Valle 23’ and Pierpaolo Vaccaro, Exchange Student for a trip to Trento, Italy. Explore into the country with exquisite landscape that Trento...

The Bryant Experience

The Bryant Experience (past event)

The Bryant Experience is a campus-wide event that focuses on a specific social issue each semester. This semesters topic will be Unhealthy Relationships. ...


Hubsgiving (past event)

Join the Commuter Connection for Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, November 19th

Friday Night Shabbat

Friday Night Shabbat (past event)

Friday Night Shabbat Services

Taste Buds

Taste Buds (past event)

Taste Buds is a unique cooking experience that Bryant students will be attending with their buddies to cook and enjoy a meal together!

Music and Arts Expo

Music and Arts Expo (past event)

Performances from clubs and organizations on Bryant's campus Performers include: The Last Minute Band The Chamber Ensemble Advanced Dance Team The...

Friday, November 19