Thursday, November 2

Coastline EAP Wellness Webinar

How to Sleep Better Like it or not; sleep is an essential part of life. On any given day, 30% of the US Adult population is dealing with insufficient...

Virtual Event
 Webinar for RI Companies in Ocean Tech: Could Receive Funds to Exhibit at Oceanology

Sign up for this webinar if you are interested in sharing a booth at Oceanology International 2024 to discover game-changing innovations and solutions...

Virtual Event
Black@Bryant Affinity Group

Join us to learn more about our Black@Bryant affinity group

TIAA Live Webinars

TIAA Live Webinars (past event)

Learn how you can take action for a more secure future.. These webinars are part of your retirement benefits! Nov. 1st - Prepare for your future: A guide to...

Virtual Event
Rewriting the Script- Social Anxiety Support Group

Create a script that tells a different story. Practice being authentically you. Build your social confidence. Lean into discomfort. Learn to manage...

Yoga with Noelle

Yoga with Noelle (past event)

Yoga for your body and mind At the Machtley Interfaith Center, Reflection Sanctuary with Noelle Harris, PhD., R.Y.T. Sponsored by the Office of...

Native Arts: Indigenous Bracelet Making

This event is a hands-on experience where participants can learn about the history, symbolism, and artistry of Native American jewelry while crafting their...

Thursday, November 2