Bryant International Forum: East-West Porcelain Trade and Cultural Exchanges

Dr. Yong Cheng

Visiting Professor, Shanghai University

Asian Art Specialist

Appraiser of Chinese Ancient Ceramics and Porcelain


One of the many things that was exchanged along the Chinese Silk Road was pottery. As one of the most difficult articfacts to recover, porcelain and ceramics are rare artifacts that can help piece together the story of cultural exchange on the Chinese Silk Road. 

Dr. Yong Cheng will address the following topics at the seminar:

· Brief history and characteristics of Chinese ceramics and porcelain.

· Description on porcelain trade along the Ancient Silk Road (including maritime route).

· The importance of ancient Silk Road for porcelain trade and its impacts to western culture.

· The difference and exchanges between Chinese and Western ceramics.

Dr. Yong Cheng was born in Shanghai, China. He is the Director of Shanghai C.X. Antique Art Center, and an adjunct professor lecturing in Shanghai University. As the member of Chinese Ancient Ceramics Society and the member of Chinese Writers Association, he has been invited by a number of television stations and local media served in expert committee for their cultural relics identification programs. Dr. Cheng’s specialty is mainly focused on the identification of Chinese cultural relics and engaged in research of the differences and comparison of eastern and western porcelain culture, plus creative writing.

Dr. Cheng is dedicated to the studies of the Silk Road, and has traveled overseas to the United Kingdom, Iran, Japan, German and other countries for intercultural academic research. The topics of his studies include the Chinese and foreign ceramic cultural exchanges, the Song Dynasty Porcelain and the Minimalist Art of Song Dynasty and other relevant aspects.

Some of his books and publications regarding the identification of cultural relics and literatures, include:

“Identification Authenticity of Porcelain in Jin, Tang and Song and Yuan Dynasties”

“Identification Authenticity of Porcelain in Ming and Qing Dynasties”

“Twenty lectures on the identification and appraisal of Chinese Porcelain”

“Appreciation of Modern Poetry”

“Blue Bird Poetry Anthology”

“The Beauty of Porcelain”

“The Collection of Madam Ponpadu”

“The Prisoner of Delingha”

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Bello center Grand Hall

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Multicultural/International, Academic


U.S. China Institute

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