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Leah DeCesare

Leah DeCesare left a positive review 11/5/2019

Smooth sailing! So easy, thanks for offering this!

Emily Collins Garcia

Emily Collins Garcia left a positive review 11/5/2019

Thanks for offering this on campus!

Nancy Friel

Nancy Friel left a review 11/5/2019

There should have been a line for pre-registered people. Allowing the students to participate and not pre-register really held up the line and many of us had to go back two and three times as not to take so much time away from our office. Also, student's credit card information was written down and left out in the open.

Anne Labouchere

Anne Labouchere left a positive review 6/18/2019

Excellent presentation. Great topic and very helpful.


MRC 3 posted a photo 3/13/2013