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Wellness:  Stress Workshop

Facilitated by Marie Mechtaly, Certified Professional Co-active Coach Learn to identify stress triggers - Explore engaging tools - Experience higher...

4/25 2pm
Perks: Demystifying Compensation at Bryant

Bryant prides itself on offering a competitive compensation package, but what does “competitive” really mean? This session will explore the various aspects...

4/30 10am
Lunch & Learn - Learn about 25 Live

This Lunch and Learn will cover the procedures/policies for requesting space on campus using 25Live. Not all rooms are created equal! Some are first...

5/2 12pm
Wellness:  Downsizing our Homes

At some point, most of us thing about downsizing either for ourselves, our parents, grabdparents, or in-laws. Sorting through a lifetime of possessions can...

5/22 12pm
LIFE & LEGACY DOCUMENTS: What to keep and how to keep it

At any age, having a system in place to keep and preserve important life documents is a priority. Baby boomer, millennial, or any age in between, whether for...

6/19 12pm

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Grateful that this is provided at work.


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