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Nancy Friel

Nancy Friel left a positive review 11/5/2019


Kelly Boutin

Kelly Boutin left a positive review 3/8/2018


Cassandra Sulmeisters

Cassandra Sulmeisters left a positive review 12/5/2017

Really fun!

Jessica Gradillas

Jessica Gradillas left a positive review 12/5/2017

I was an excellent event. My friends and I enjoyed every second of it and would definitely do it again!

Sandra Enos

Sandra Enos left a positive review 12/5/2016

As one of the organizers of G4G, this was a wonderful event. Lots of sales which means support for important social missions that improve the world. The event is a pop up marketplace and relies on lots of good will and exceptional student leadership including Brianna LaGuardia and Abby Sannizarro. Great fun! Great vendors! Great causes!

Cichen Lamu

Cichen Lamu left a positive review 12/5/2016

It was a great experience.

Anne Labouchere

Anne Labouchere left a positive review 11/16/2016

I love the Basket contest, but would recommend that you return to the former practice of having voting in two separate categories: Student Organizations and Bryant Administrative Departments. You might even consider having categories of awards (Most plentiful, most imaginative, etc)

Denise Gormley

Denise Gormley left a positive review 9/14/2016

What a great way for students to connect with non-profits.


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